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No one can prepare you for Motherhood. Not any advice from family or friends. Not a pregnancy or motherhood book. It all comes from experience. Taking one day at a time and learning and growing with your baby. Being pregnant was both exciting and also scary at times, not knowing exactly what was going on most of time and putting faith in God that all would be ok was all I could do. After 48 hours of labour my little precious baby made his entrance. I was in awe. I could hardly believe he was mine.

The first few weeks were very challenging. No one told me breastfeeding would be hard. It was frustrating at times but I hanged in there and didn't give up. I would say after 4 weeks things got smoother. I even went a couple of times to the breasfeeding clinic at the hospital. Funny thing every time I went there, my son was perfect, latched on, no problem but as soon as I went home, the drama would start! The key thing is to be patient and be comfortable when you are breastfeeding. Positioning is everything.

Sleepless nights! I don't know how I did it. I didn't get much sleep for the first few weeks. My son seemed to be hungry all the time. I was exhausted but somehow I managed. I think after a while your body adjusts to the demands. I remember when I first got 4-5 hours of straight sleep, I was so happy. It left like 10 hours to me! My hubby was great too, couldn't have survived without him. After the 3rd month, I got more sleep and my son was more in a routine. Things just got better and easier day by day.

Seeing my son grow and interact with us is so wonderful. He is outgoing and friendly. He always wants to play. He is such a joy. He really has made our lives so much more richer. Being a mom is the best job in the world. His little smile, the expressions he makes always makes me laugh and melt. The kisses and hugs are priceless. I am in awe at times in how much he understands. It is certainly amazing!

In summary, going through my pregnancy and a long labour is well worth it when you see the priceless gem you have in the end. Motherhood rocks!

Mommy Anna








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