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Sharon's story

Well finding out that I was pregnant with my son was indeed a shock. I had had my second miscarriage just two weeks prior to getting my positive result. We were very much afraid that this could become a third loss for us. We took every precaution we could think of. Which meant no housecleaning, I convinced my husband of that one.

Due to being a high risk pregnancy, I was afraid to tell anyone with the fear of losing the baby and having to tell everyone that I had lost another baby. We even kept it secret from our five year old daughter. After three months of constant blood tests, and the use of progesterone to keep the pregnancy going we were in the safe zone in terms of losing the baby.

The pregnancy continued on fairly uneventful but alot more uncomfortable than I had been in terms of skin stretching and swelling in places you didn't think it could. At around 23 weeks I had to be injected with a steroid to help improve function in the baby's lungs as my daughter had been born 6 weeks early and had breathing difficulties due to this.

So at 38 and a half weeks I was more than ready to deliver. That day I had been experiencing mild cramping coming on every 7 minutes. So I called my husband after a few hours and asked him to come home. By nine pm when my brother in law came to baby-sit my daughter I was uncomfortable. We headed to the hospital with the bag that I had packed since I was 32 weeks. The doctor said I was 2 centimeters and broke my water around 11pm. Labor was constant and intense but by 1:42am Tuesday October 18, 2005 my healthy baby boy had arrived.

The odd thing my mom noted was that I as well had been born on a Tuesday at exactly 1:42 in the morning. I was overjoyed and so lucky. Nothing was as special as seeing my beautiful baby girl holding her little brother in her arms proud as can be.








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