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Sprout Right pictures
Sprout Right
Sprout Right pictures

Sprout Right

We want all the babies and children to grow up in a world with as much health, wealth, and happiness as possible. The way the world is heading at the moment, the experts are saying that our wishes for our children may not be possible. So if you are not already an environmentalist, then jump on the bandwagon and take a ride. It will only benefit every person on the planet!

In Sprout Right, registered nutrition consultant Lianne Phillipson-Webb clearly explains simple nutritional steps to influence the health of your baby from conception to birth, what a breastfeeding mom should be eating to fortify nature's perfect food, what to look for in a formula, and everything you need to know about starting your baby on solids with ease and confidence.

Phillipson-Webb also explains how the Sprout Right approach allows baby's digestive system to mature, hopefully lessening the potential for allergies and reactions, and then progress to family food in the toddler years. Packed with essential nutritional information, the book includes over 75 delicious recipes, including a variety of purees, chunky and super-chunky purees, and solids fit for a toddler.

About the Author
Lianne Phillipson-Webb founder of Sprout Right Inc., is a Registered Nutrition Consultant Practitioner (RNCP), an expert in family nutrition, and a contributor to Today's Parent magazine. She and her family live in Toronto.

web site: www.sproutright.com

Oakville Moms Review:

If you are a mom-to-be or a new mom, this is the book to get: Sprout Right: Nutrition from Tummy to Toddler by Lianne Phillipson-Webb (Registered Nutrition Consultant). This book will give you the right guidance for a healthy nutrition diet from the time that you are pregnant until your baby is eating solids. There are over 75 great recipes for your child, starting off with babies first foods to toddler meals. My first impression of the book was that it is really well organized and easy to understand. I've read a lot books in the past while I was pregnant but none of them were as informative as Sprout Right. I can honestly say she covers every topic imaginable. I love all the side notes and comparison charts that Lianne highlights. Some other topics include: tips for new mom meals, breastfeeding, formula feeding, first foods checklist, baby feeding calendar, helpful tips for teething, eczema and constipation; food allergies, list of resources, food sources of vitamins and minerals, and so much more. Lianne includes her own experiences as a mom as well as other moms. This gives you confidence that you are not alone, we all go through the same problems and concerns. I've tried a handful of the recipes and I love that I can hide some vegetables in my children's meals without them really knowing it. The no-mess fruity pops were so easy to do and a success with my children. Sprout Right would be a great gift for mom-to-be or new mom. To learn more about Sprout Right and to order, check out their web site www.sproutright.com.







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