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In-Line Family Chiropractic

At In-Line Family Chiropractic our goal is simple - to offer the best, most thorough, most advanced chiropractic care available. For over a decade, we have warmly welcomed families from all walks of life, from infancy through adulthood. A person doesn't necessarily have to be in pain to be a patient at In-Line, just have a desire to live life to its fullest potential.

With a safe and gentle approach to chiropractic care, the doctors are able to allow your spine and nervous system to work properly - lessening our overwhelming dependence on medication. Our state-of-the-art facility in Oakville allows us to provide a stress-free and relaxed atmosphere, ensuring only the best care available.

Drs. John Zeni and Matthew Russell have vast experience taking care of newborns, pregnant women, young children, adults and seniors.

Our vision has always been to educate and show the community that there are alternatives to drugs and surgery. Our goal isn't to simply make you feel better, but to eliminate the underlying cause of your health concern.

Promo's for the Month:
i) $20 for full exam, structural X-rays, report of findings (usually $150).
ii) $75 off a pair of customized orthotics ($425 rather than $500)



Our patient Heather feels "in-line"!
"I have put off writing my story for so long, but I know I now have a reason to have my little say. I first met Dr. John and his team about 2 years ago.
I was fortunate to go back home (South Africa) for 8 weeks and you guessed it; I missed my weekly “fix” with Dr. John. By the time I got back I felt like a wreck again and could not wait to get my weekly “fix”. After the first session I felt so much relief and look forward to being “in-line” again soon.
An important thing I have noticed with me is my eyesight has improved over the last 2 years and I am feeling so healthy and relaxed. When one sees the progress on the x-rays, you know that you have made an excellent choice by coming for your weekly “fix” with Dr. John.
I want to encourage those who think it is a waste of time or feel they aren’t benefitting, don’t give up. You will feel and see the benefits you will miss if you give up your weekly “fix”.

Heather C."


Skeptical about chiropractic? Hear what patient Erica has to say about it!

“I am forever grateful that I didn't stay a skeptic!”

I was very skeptical about going to the chiropractor as an adult, even though I'm already a success story. When I was young, wetting the bed was a huge problem for me. My whole family made it a routine to go to the chiropractor and shortly after, my long-term issue completely disappeared. I couldn't believe it.
At the beginning of 2014, I didn't think anything was wrong with me. No serious symptoms or pain. Luckily, I was referred by a loved one and received a full examination from Dr. Matthew. I did fear a couple things - the truth and the cracking. I quickly learned at the Doctor’s Report that there was no need to fear anything; I was where I needed to be.
I found out that my head was forward three and half inches! I also had much more weight on one side of my body. This explained why for years I had been sleeping with my head stretched downwards. Keeping my head and body straight while lying down was extremely uncomfortable. I was excited after my first adjustment because I did not experience the scary cracking, instead it was comfortable and quick. I also had the best sleep I've had in years!
Ever since the beginning of the year, I have noticed a huge difference in my posture, sleep, mood, ability to stand for long periods without being sore or tired, and my energy levels have increased! I am forever grateful that I didn't stay a skeptic about chiropractors and I am on the right track to a healthy subluxation-free life.

Thank you Dr. Matthew!
Erica L."

"We are excited to continue creating healthy Oakville families. If we can serve you, please call or email our office."

In-Line Family Chiropractic
2318 Lakeshore rd. W

Twitter: @DrMRussell
Our office Facebook:












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